Reaching for Your Dream is NOT an Option

Anthony Robbins

There is an evolution of thought we have to go through if we are going to reach for the ultimate in what we want from life.  That is the goal any of us have that decide to take advantage of the teachings of people like Anthony Robbins who know how to guide us to great wealth and achievement.  There is a cycle of commitment we go through.  It might start with curiosity and then with taking on the learning cycle of attending Anthony Robbins seminars and reading his books.

At some point, the teaching begins to take hold and you actually find yourself changing in how you think and how you view the world.  This might even happen before you make a conscious decision to implement the teachings of Anthony Robbins in your life.  But even at a very early level, you will begin to see the results.  You will be more energetic and find yourself able to control your thoughts easier and focus better on goals that you set for yourself.

But there comes a moment when your dedication to the discipline of using Robbins’ teachings to reach for only the best in life will cross a threshold and you will be ready to become a true disciple of the process and take seriously your commitment to achieving wealth and becoming a master of your own thoughts and emotions.  This is an important moment that much of the training you have been going through in the teaching of Anthony Robbins has been preparing you for.  But it is a moment when empowering yourself to achieve your dreams stops being a hobby or a game and it becomes the most important thing you are doing in your life.

It isn’t the teaching that makes it important.  The teaching is a resource, a tool and a vehicle to take you from a life of limitations and of accepting defeat in your life to a life of mental power and the ability to focus your energies to succeed in any goal you set out to conquer.  You will learn some important skills along the way.  You will learn to control your thoughts so negative thoughts that seek to trap you in defeat are not welcome in your mind.  You will also learn to work with your emotions rather than against them so you can use your emotions as power generators to propel you toward your goals.

But perhaps the most potent skills and tools Anthony Robbins’ teachings will give you will be the power of focus and self will.  At first identifying what your dream meant to you and what “achieving wealth” looked like in your mind was something you were playing with because it was fascinating.  But as you have become more and more serious that this goal was not an option but the central quest of this part of your life, your focus becomes crystal clear and your self will and resolve so stubborn that you will NOT let down, make excuses and settle for less ever again.  That may have been how you handled your dreams early in life but that will not do any more.

You have your own reasons for taking the discipline to realize real wealth that seriously.  But the teachings of Anthony Robbins are clear that passing through that mental threshold where compromise is not an option is a crucial step that you must accomplish if you hope to see success in your quest for fulfillment and satisfaction.

Where that distant dream was once a whim, it now defines who you are.  What you have learned in your early months of the program is that your dreams always defined you.  You just did not live up to who you were meant to be because you settled for second best.  But Robbins has shown you that second best is never good enough.   And because your will and focus are firm, you will not stop until you have realized your dream and the wealth and accomplishment you were made to achieve has been accomplished.  You will never be the same again because you learned to live the life of a winner.  And that is a very good thing indeed.

About the Author:

 I am a Certified Master Coach and Work-Life Balance Expert who works with self-employed professionals who struggle with focus, time issues, overload or feeling stuck. I help them to remove any obstacles and blocks to achieving balance in their personal and professional life.

What separates my service from other work/life balance coaches is that I ONLY work self-employed businesses and I ONLY specialize in work/life balance, nothing else. Because of this my clients receive proven, time-tested, specific information on how to have less stress, create more balance, harmony, and fulfillment in their personal and professional life.

My ideal clients are willing to play full out, committed to being coach-able, responsible for their results, and committed to the coaching process, even if it’s uncomfortable. They see the value of investing in their personal development, and are willing to commit 100% to their goals.

If you are feeling out of balance and think that MAYBE coaching could make a difference for you, consider setting up an initial consultation and seeing what it’s like. No fee, no pressure. E-mail me or go to breakthrough to Success and fill out the form with a few times you could be available, and please include your time zone. I’ll get back to you!

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