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By Christine Winters

TMgraphicActions will always follow beliefs. John Curran has found this to be true and to be the direct result of his success in his personal and professional ventures. Entrepreneur coach John Curran now strives to share his empowerment with others so they may achieve work-life balance in their own lives. A work-life balance coach works with entrepreneurs to attain the highest level of inner and outward fulfillment.

It all begins in the mind: success, fulfillment, peace, happiness, health and wholeness. False beliefs or irrational fantasies are those thoughts that say that the evidence of past failures, disappointments, and pain is also the reality of the present and the future. If these notions are believed, the same will manifest in some or all aspects of life. John Curran shares that these negative, self-defeating beliefs, however, can be turned around and changed to new ideas that are limitless and a way of thinking that allows for perceived impossibilities to become possible by believing all obstacles can be overcome. Work-life balance coaching may perhaps illuminate the strength of the mind and spirit by using pictures of the pyramids of Egypt and the magnificent architectural accomplishments and music, art, literature to demonstrate the capabilities inside each person to reach their own dreams.

Transcendental meditation is a major tool applied in work-life balance coaching. Learning to determine the thoughts, feelings, and inner conflicts that need to be faced and released is critical for healing to begin. With the body being in a relaxed state and the mind separated from external stress and pressure, transcendental meditation practiced regularly can put one in tune with the connection of the physical and emotional elements of one’s being. There can then be a purging of one’s hoarded emotions and beliefs, bringing about awareness of what have been holding a person back from personal victory. Those false beliefs can now be replaced with a bright, wide-open future.

These work-life balance coaching techniques have also been utilized as an effective standard of treatment in the fields of psychiatry and psychology from those who need guidance with stressful life situations to those who suffer from debilitating mental illnesses. So many people today are stressed and out of balance which reduces functionality and quality of life. To stay in balance is to not allow one area of life to overwhelm another. Your career should never keep you from enjoying a fulfilling family life nor should your health ever suffer due to your professional responsibilities. Moreover, your career should be just as much of a rewarding part of your life. Work-life coaching is designed for this specific purpose as well as to bring about more success in all areas of life and for a lifetime.

To explore the opportunities of improving personal and professional goals and results, find a work-life balance coach to transition to a better state of being. For more information, please visit http://www.curranlifecoach.com

Entrepreneur Coach

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