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About John CurranJohn is an Author, Teacher, Certified Accountability & Strategy Coach, and Speaker. He has earned certifications as a master coach, coach practitioner, and NLP practitioner. He has worked in the medical field for over 25 years, and has witnessed many patients overcome tremendous medical challenges. His passion is to help others realize their potential through coaching, teaching, writing books, and inspirational speaking.

At an early age John had a natural curiosity about how the mind works and why some people were inordinately successful while others struggled through life. He was fascinated by research done by Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs as well as research done on the conscious and subconscious levels and of the mind. This led him to an in-depth study of the self-development field by reading books, attending seminars, listening to CDs, and learning about coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). He learned from experts in the physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and relational areas and decided to write about his experiences in his first book How Will You Paint Your Life Today, so that he could help others realize their potential as well as his own.

Some of his early mentors and role models include Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Dr. Milton Erickson, Jim Rohn, Dr. Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightningale, Dr. Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Dali Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda, Dr. Susan Jeffers, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Zig Ziglar, and many others. Some of his recent mentors include many of the teachers from the movie The Secret, which include Bob Proctor, Mike Dooley,  Ester Hicks, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Neal Donald Walsh, Morris Goodman, and several others.

Several years ago he sent a copy of his book to Anthony Robbins asking for his feedback, and he can remember receiving a letter from Tony challenging him to practice CANI which stands for continuous and never-ending improvement. John took his challenge, and has always embraced this belief, which has served him well over the years. He believes that we’re either growing or slowly dying inside, especially when we choose to stay inside our comfort zone!

Life and Business Coaching

Above: Coach Curran at two recent book signings in Keene, New Hampshire.

Published Author

Life and Business CoachingIn 1999 I wrote this book while living in San Diego California. Since that time, the book has been through several revisions to reflect new experiential wisdom. My purpose for writing the book was to provide material intended to give hope, inspiration, love, and wisdom to those who were interested in seeking lifestyle changes, so they could lead a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life. It is a short inspirational book about taking an honest and pro-active approach to life”s many challenges by focusing on the physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and relational areas of self-development. It is intended to ignite a spark in the reader to help them realize their full potential. Order my book now by going to


Life and Business Coaching

“This book has been added as a permanent part of my personal library.” World Authority on Leadership Psychology and author of Unlimited Power”. -Anthony Robbins

“Make it happen in a big way!” — Stedman Graham author of You Can Make it Happen.

“I hope the book will help others be inspired. As you say, focus, focus, focus!” — William Farrell Ph.D. Professor at the University of California and author of Why Men Are The Way They Are.

“Through his inspirational thoughts and guidance, obstacles become doors and situations become opportunities.” — John Olbrich, President of American Security Mortgage.


John’s coaching has helped to produce outstanding results in both my business and personal life by introducing me to new perspectives”. -David Teubner, Founder of

“His teaching provided me with a clear focus on making the transition into life coaching from my present career”.-Jorge Lopez, Certified Coach Practitioner

“John’s teaching was very valuable and gave me many tools to bring my business to the next level”.-Karyn Dauwer, CCP, Business Coach

Speaking Testimonial

“I just want to thank you for the seminar you gave at the Colonial Hotel in Gardner, MA. I learned so much! There are a couple of things that really stuck in my mind about what you said. One thing is that our body is our feedback system. I agree with that so much. When I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the first thing that happens to me is my stomach hurts! I use to accept this and for the past couple of months I have learned to be able to calm myself down and look at things differently so that the stress literally can go away just by the way I am thinking. Just like what you said. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. I believe that that is so true. The second thing that sticks in my mind is gratitude. I feel that so many people take things for granted, and I’ll admit that there are things that I take for granted too. I am going to try from this day forward to be more grateful AND express it. Because I feel that it is also important. There are a lot of things that you said that reminded me of Ester Hicks, which is why I asked you at the end of the seminar if you listened to her. I have been listening to her for a couple of months now, and I have been able to hear (more like feel!) my stress triggers. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and talking with you after the seminar, and I wanted to express that to you. I feel like we had a real connection, thank you”. – Kelly Stanley, Success Coach
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About John Curran

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