9 Remarkable Ways to Increase Your Sales and Profits! Part 1

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Everyone wants to make their marketing more effective….to get better results….to convert more leads.…to make more sales….to increase their profits as much as possible. But few people know how. Few people really understand how to force every marketing dollar to work harder – to do the job of 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 dollars. In fact, of all the clients I’ve worked with in the past year, and all those who time wouldn’t permit me to work with, only one came even close to achieving their full marketing and profit potential.

Even this client, as admirable as his efforts and results were, only realized 70% of the profits he could be reaping. Most of my clients, are only realizing 50% or less of their full profit potential! You’re probably in the same boat. That’s what motivated you to call for this report. Because your marketing is getting lukewarm results. You aren’t getting the number of qualified leads you need. You aren’t increasing your customer base. Sales are in a holding pattern. And you know you aren’t generating the kind of profits you really need to keep your business healthy.

Well, that’s all about to change. Right here and right now!

I mean it. It’s far easier to do than you ever imagined. In this report, I’m going to show you exactly which factors are limiting your profits. Then I’ll give you 9 simple, inexpensive, powerful steps you can take to leverage your marketing. I’ll show you everything you need to know to make each of your marketing dollars work as hard as they possibly can to increase your effectiveness, boost your profits, and cut your expenses.

By the time you’ve completed this report, you’ll have a comprehensive set of powerful new tools you can use to make sure your marketing is firing on all cylinders and doing what you really need it to: generating more leads, winning more sales, and shooting your profits through the roof!

What Marketing Leverage Is And How It Can Make Your Business Much More Profitable!

What exactly is leverage? For our purposes, it’s the ability to improve a component part of your marketing resulting in the increase of your sales and profits many times. Now, that might sound a bit technical or complicated, but in actual use, it couldn’t be simpler. Leverage is merely the ability to make more money for exactly the same amount of time, effort, and expense.

Here are a few real life examples. The most widely understood use of leverage is in real estate. In most real estate transactions, you can get 100% of the use and financial benefit of a property for just 20% down. So you’ve leveraged your investment by 80%.

Now, let’s look at how leverage applies to your marketing. If I can show you a simple sales technique to get your customers to increase their average purchase amount by 20% with no additional cost or effort on your part, I’ve just leveraged your sales staff. I’ve increased their productivity and your profits by 20%.

Here’s another example. If we change your copy and the new ad outperforms your old ad by 35%, that’s 35% more profit in your pocket for exactly the same cost and effort. In actual application, I’ve seen slight changes in copy increase profits by as much as 300% to 400%. And in his classic book, Tested Advertising Methods, John Caples documents examples of simple copy changes that improved response by as much as 2100%!

There’s one more concept you should understand about increasing your marketing leverage. There are so many areas of your marketing that can be leveraged, the results can be phenomenal. These include ads, headlines, mailing lists, media, prices, offers, publicity, in-store sales, field sales, average purchase amount, repeat sales, referrals, new customer leads, lead conversion and on and on. Taken alone, each of these components may increase your sales and profits just a few percentage points. But get them all working together, and they can shoot your profits through the roof!



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