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However exciting as it may seem (and why shouldn’t it?) to start a new internet business, fact of the matter is that majority of all new businesses, big or small, fail within the first year to five years of their setup. At the same time, however discouraging as it may seem to any and every business start-up, remember that small and medium enterprises are the very pillar of our American economy; without them, we would never have reached where we have in terms of our economic might and standing in the world, the recent financial turmoil of 2008 and beyond, notwithstanding.

It therefore is always actually a positive step to consider starting a new internet business. At the same time, extreme caution is advised to ensure that things go as desired and nothing untoward happens that might affect the business adversely to such an extent that it might have to consider a complete closure.

One of the ways in which you can ensure that this caution is suitably followed is by way of taking up internet business coaching. Remember that these online business coaches providing internet business development are usually individuals who really have been there and done that; they have helped hundreds and thousands of other small businesses in coming up the ladder and so there is absolutely no reason to doubt that they cannot do the same for your business as well.

Always remember that however foolproof your business plan as well as the market niche for your product or service offering may seem to be, fact of the matter is that in business, things are immensely unpredictable. You never know how things go from one point to another whereby you are suddenly left in a treacherous state wherein you even have to contemplate a complete closure of your business.

Let us take an instance wherein once you have identified a particular niche, you plan and work everything out accordingly with the hope that things will go on very smoothly and bang…there is a competitor who comes out with the same offering at half the price that you are offering; and you have worked out all the costs in such a way that you really cannot bring down your prices at such a short notice. Would you as a potential small business owner like to face an anomaly?

Undoubtedly you wouldn’t and same is the case with every small business owner with dreams of financial and personal freedom. If you do want to give wings to those dreams, remember that there is a internet business mentor out there waiting to coach you suitably about your business. Don’t worry which part of the country you are located; whether you are in San Francisco or Boise or even Boston for that matter, you can be assured that finding a suitable internet business consultant will really not be as much of a challenge as you might initially fathom.

Given these facts with regard to small businesses, go ahead and make a decision to start a new internet business without any qualms whatsoever!

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