ContactIf you are interested in exploring what it’s like working with a life, business, or leadership coach, please feel free to contact me. To schedule a FREE COACHING CONSULTATION or to obtain additional information about any of my services, please give me a call on my cell at 877-243-6973. I work remotely and virtually, and I am ready to help you achieve your goals whether you live in New York, Boston, San Diego, or some other part of the country.


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  1. By Kate Hubbard, June 27, 2013 @ 9:06 PM


    My name is Kate Hubbard and I head up the content department at We have just published a resource on our site titled: 10 Wealthiest Entrepreneurs of All Time. To view our resource follow the link:

    Our mission at is to help business professionals and those seeking an education in the field to move forward. We want to share our resource with you because your readers may benefit from it, and we believe it would make content for your site.

    Feel free to share the list with your readers. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

    Kate Hubbard
    Content Editor

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