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Are You Teflon or Velcro When It Comes to Stress?

Some people find it pretty easy to shed a stressful day, but for others, it lingers and can cause chronic health problems.
Increased Calcium Intake Reduces Risk of Hyperparathyroidism

Each of your parathyroids is only the size of a grain of rice, but these tiny glands can cause bone loss, cancer, and depression.
Puzzle Interviews Unpopular with Job Applicants

As if looking for work wasn’t hard enough: now interviews feature “trick” questions designed to test creative thinking. Fair?
Hormone Replacement Offers a Benefit When Started Soon After Menopause

A new study finds HRT has protective benefits. But another study found it to be risky. Who can keep up?
Tomatoes Lower the Risk of Stroke

Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? Whatever they are, they’re our best source of a nutrient that helps prevent strokes.
Omega-3’s Slow the Aging Process

Telomeres, bits of DNA, grow shorter with age, which leads to cell malfunctioning. But diets rich in Omega-3s made them longer.
What You Need to Know About Apples

It’s autumn and a good time to become reacquainted with the health benefits of apples, one of our most available fruits. Many take them for granted, passing them by as they focus on more exotic fare, simply because they can be found year-round. But don’t sell them short. The vitamins, phytochemicals and fiber in apples offer proven cancer and heart protective benefits that give new meaning to the old saying, “An apple a day…”
Learning to Identify Negative Emotions May Be Important in Battling Depression

How precisely can you pinpoint your emotions? Depressed people tend to lump negative emotions together. Not helpful.
Peer Evaluations More Accurate than Personal Ones

Your friends back in grade school probably could have predicted who you are now pretty accurately.
Is Vitamin D The Elusive Cure For The Common Cold?

Echinacea, zinc, steam, vitamin C, garlic, antihistamines, herbs, are among the fallen cures. A new candidate joins the list.

Hot Topics

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