Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose CoachingAccording to a recent study, one out of three people are unhappy with their life and feel unfulfilled in the work that they’re doing. One way to mitigate these feelings is to live a purpose filled life by discovering what your life’s purpose is. A life purpose coach can help you do just that. You can discover your life’s purpose  utilizing some simple steps.

The first step you will want to take is to ask yourself.

  • What do I love to do?
  • What am I good at?
  • What is important to me?
  • What was I born to do?
  • What did I like to do as a child?

List the answers to each of the five questions. Have fun with this and don’t be too serious.  You want to make this an enjoyable experience. When you’ve finished, the second step is to rank each of the items in each list in order of importance assuming you only have one year to live. You will want to invest at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time in order to complete the following exercise.

After you complete this exercise, try to discover what thread runs through your life that connects you to your life’s energy. What activities make you come alive? What values guide your daily decisions? Look for patterns in your answers. You will be using this information to construct a purpose statement, which is a short description of the priorities which guide your life and its meaning. Don’t let this process intimidate you. You’re not trying to uncover the meaning of life-just what inspires you at this time in your life. You will revise this purpose statement periodically as your life unfolds.

Let me give you an example to help you get started. “I was born to heal people, especially children. My purpose is to use my talents and skills to help children all over the world” By the way, my own personal mission statement was almost a page long until I finally honed it down to one sentence. “My purpose is to inspire, educate, and help others uncover their passion, purpose, and greatness”. This one sentence ties it all together for me. I love to write, I love to teach, I love to give inspirational talks, and I love to bring out the best in others through my coaching services.

Okay now, the third step is to link your intentions to a compelling reason. There is an old saying which I’ll paraphrase to illustrate my point. “If the ‘why’ is big enough, the ‘how’ will never be too difficult” Let me repeat it again so you can write it down. “If the ‘why’ is important enough then the ‘how’ will never be too difficult. In other words, very few of us would hang glide off the empire state building for 5 thousand dollars. But if it meant saving our children, we’d be the first in line. If your only reason for starting is because you want to get rich, then you don’t have a compelling enough reason ‘why’. You need some reason that motivates you to go through the ‘gravel digging’ until you uncover a nugget.

Lee Trevino used to hit 1000 balls a day on the practice tee in preparation for a major tournament. He couldn’t have accomplished it unless he had a major reason. What’s your major reason for wanting to be financially free? The more specific the reason you have for wanting to be financially free, the more compelling the drive, and the more probable your success.

I hope these life coaching tips were helpful in pointing you in the right direction in discovering your life’s purpose. I offer life purpose coaching for people who feel like they have lost direction and would benefit from a skilled life purpose coach to help them achieve clarity of purpose and fulfillment.

entrepreneursAbout John Curran:

John helps clients who struggle with fear, procrastination, stress, time management, overwhelm, self-doubt, or feeling STUCK. He is a Life Purpose Coach skilled in the arts of organization, strategy, and accountability who can give you the tools for achieving clarity of purpose and the ability to move forward. To receive a FREE 30-minute coaching strategy session,visit=>THE SOLUTION COACH

Life Purpose Coaching

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