Social Media Marketing FAQ’s

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing What are Internet Influence Engines and why do they matter to my business?

Although we know Google is the number one search engine, most of us don’t know there are more than 50 other key online locations! You must be using these other locations to help Google rank your business so your target audience can find you.

We call these “Influence Engines” and they include:

• Local Search Engines like Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Merchant Circle
• Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Yelp! and Twitter
• Internet Business Directories like and Kudzu
• Online Business Directories specific to your region or metro area
• Online Directory Assistance sites like, and
• Many category-specific directories relating to your industry

They matter to your business because they can have an enormous impact on how easily people find you online. Getting your information listed and encouraging customers to post comments and reviews is one of the first things you should do to get leads and customers from the Internet. Go here [link to sales video page] to watch a free video that explains it all.

Once I do an online marketing campaign, why would I need to manage it month after month?

Would you run just one ad in the newspaper and expect it to continue to generate calls or foot traffic? It’s the same thing online. You want people to find you when they’re looking online, which means you have to stay fresh! Keep in mind that search engines and directories treat your messaging like grocery store produce. There is a “sell by” date on almost every piece of digital information. If you’re not putting fresh content on your shelves, you will lose to someone who is.

Request a personal consultation so we can help you create the optimal plan for managingt your business’ marketing campaigns and social media on a monthly schedule.  

How do I capture leads for my business using the Internet?

You capture leads online by offering something of value for free, in exchange for prospects’ contact information which they enter into a form on a Web page. Depending on your business, it can be a special report, a buyer’s guide, a regular newsletter, a coupon, a free consultation or assessment, etc.

Request a personal consultation so we can help you determine the best, most affordable way to capture leads online for your business.

What’s the benefit of using paid online services like Adwords?

Paid online advertising like Google Adwords (also known as pay-per-click advertising) can enhance your overall online marketing program but you shouldn’t rely on it exclusively. Before you go spending money though, get an online marketing expert to help you research the best keywords to focus on for your ads.Also, you should consider using Facebook ads, especially if you have a business page set up on Facebook. You can target specific locations, demographics, likes, etc. on Facebook that you can’t in other online paid ad services.

Sixty-five percent of consumers now go online for information before making a buying decision. Moreover, millions of new websites are being added to the Internet every day.

So, how do you make the Internet work cost-effectively for your local business?

 If you are new to the Internet, we’ll give you honest and candid advice on your best options. If you are Internet savvy, let us review your website and your present marketing effort. Likely we can save you money and help you focus your advertising for increased return.

Let us help you determine the best, most affordable way to integrate paid advertising into your online marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing

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